Acknowledging the complexities of handling rebasing tokens in the DeFi ecosystem, the wcgUSD contract serves as a wrapped token, simplifying integration while preserving stability.

The wcgUSD contract is an ERC-4626 (following the tokenized vault standard, leveraging the OpenZeppelin implementation), enabling users to deposit cgUSD in exchange for wcgUSD tokens. The cgUSD tokens are rebasing, whereas the wcgUSD tokens are non-rebasing, making wcgUSD easier to integrate into DeFi protocols.

Rebasing tokens have known integration challenges with protocols that assume constant balanceOf for tokens (such as Uniswap, 1Inch and Sushiswap). This can lead to daily rewards being captured by players other than the cgUSD holders in protocols. The stETH issuer, Lido, has documented this phenomenon here.

To solve this problem and ensure cgUSD holders have full compatibility with DeFi without giving up their rewards, the Cygnus Finance team has built a wrapper on cgUSD which is called wcgUSD. Such wrapper is very similar to Lido's wstETH, a product that is already familiar to the digital asset ecosystem.

Token Name: Wrapped Cygnus USD Token Symbol: wcgUSD

Contract Address: 0x5AE84075F0E34946821A8015dAB5299A00992721

wcgUSD is a non-rebasing token that can be converted to cgUSD or the other way around. Below are the basic properties of our wcgUSD token:

  1. It is a non-rebasing token. So the amount will not increase, but its price will increase over time.

  2. wcgUSD and cgUSD can be converted into each other without any fees. They are equivalent mathematically.

  3. It is permissionless.

The purpose of wcgUSD is to enable Cygnus Finance to be incorporated into existing DeFi protocols as most of the DeFi protocols do not support rebasing tokens.

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