1. What is wcgUSD?

wcgUSD (wrapped cgUSD) is a non-rebasing version of cgUSD. Unlike the cgUSD balance, which updates every day and communicates your share of rewards, the wcgUSD balance stays the same while the cgUSD balance updates inside the wrapper daily.

  1. How can I get wcgUSD?

You can wrap your cgUSD tokens using Wrap & Unwrap staking widget

  1. How can I use wcgUSD?

wcgUSD is useful across other DeFi protocols, which are based on constant balance tokens.

  1. Do I get my investing rewards if I wrap cgUSD to wcgUSD?

Yes, wrapped cgUSD gets investing rewards at the same rate as regular cgUSD. When you keep your cgUSDin a wrapper you can not see your daily investing rewards. However, when you unwrap your wcgUSD your new cgUSD balance will have increased relative to the pre-wrapped amount to reflect your received rewards.

  1. Do I need to claim my staking rewards if I wrap cgUSD to wcgUSD?

No, investing rewards accrue to wcgUSD automatically.

  1. How could I unwrap wcgUSD back to cgUSD?

You can unwrap your wcgUSD tokens using Wrap & Unwrap staking widget.

  1. Do I need to unwrap my wcgUSD before requesting withdrawals?

No, you can transform your wcgUSD to cgUSD using the Withdrawals Request and Claim tabs. Note that, under the hood, wcgUSD will unwrap to cgUSD first, so your request will be denominated in cgUSD.

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